Month: January 2018

Colourblindness is not racism

SJWs love to talk about ‘colour-blind racism.’ And for once, there is an actual, rational, evidence-based argument, which is not founded in postmodernist woo-woo, to back them up.

Except, it is nonsensical.

And nobody would support it, were it not for postmodernist woo-woo.

Colourblindness means treating everyone as individuals, rather than as people of ‘this skin tone.’ And that is liberal. It absolutely is. But not everyone is liberal. Some people treat others badly because of their skin colour (or other group identity). And the argument is that, if I treat a given individual a as an individual, even though a has experienced intolerance because of a‘s skin colour (other other group identity), then I am ignoring their oppression!

Except… that isn’t at all what colourblindness means.

See, colourblindness means we acknowledge each person we encounter, and their struggles, including struggles that they have faced because of colour. It just means that we deal with those struggles because everyone needs to be dealt with individually, rather than as members of a group.

Martin Luther King Jr. argued for colourblindness, when he said that we should judge one another by the content of our character, not by our colour. But that includes looking at how people might be judged by others because of their colour.

Similarly, if a person living under Nazi occupation said ‘I don’t see Jew and gentile, I just see people,’ they could still have realized ‘BUT, if Jews are judged as needing to go to the concentration camps, they are people I need to save, while gentiles are not.’ So no, colourblindness is not racism. The goal here is to render all of society colourblind, rather than to cement colour-identity even further into our minds (as the SJWs are trying to do).