The Sanders strategy?

A lot of people on the real liberal left have been concerned about Bernie Sanders. The nature of this concern is basically ‘Why the hell is Sanders still going around with the Dems, and why won’t he help start a new major party, with the #DraftBernie movement?’ And some people are feeling like he’s betrayed the movement he inspired.

Now, when it comes to Bernie pushing the crazy Russian narrative, I agree he’s absolutely wrong. And he’s done a couple other things with which I really have to disagree. However, in terms of his strategy, I do have a suggestion for what he might be doing.

See, in his time as an independent senator for Vermont, he has always worked with the Democrats, even though he’s more liberal than they are. They even had him on important committees. And right now, he is still in a position to influence them. So right now, he has leverage over the Dems, and they have leverage over him.

See, by continuing to publicly appear with them, he’s able to threaten them with stopping this if they try to cut his influence in the senate. Likewise, he may fear losing what influence he has, should he actively support the formation of a third party. There is, therefore, a sort of stalemate between them: they definitely need him, and he feels he needs them in order to retain influence in the senate (although he may also sincerely believe they are a lesser evil to the GOP, which may affect his wish to keep helping them).

My suggestion, therefore, is to work on the third party without him, but don’t be surprised if he joins it or even tries to run for president on it, should we succeed in getting the third party to be large enough by 2020.

And, should this theory be wrong, establishing the third party will need to happen without Bernie’s help. So either way, we need to focus on making the third party work.


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