The Divine Right of the DNC – Part 3, DNC lawsuit

The Florida Squeeze

The DNC fraud lawsuit could be our last chance to reclaim Democracy for the voters.

If media bothered to report on the hearing to dismiss, we’d all know the situation is more dire than anyone imagined. In the meager coverage the story garnered, it’s been firmly established that the Democratic Party has lost touch with voters. But, given their theory of defense, I’m beginning to wonder if the DNC hasn’t lost touch with reality.

Lawyers know that sometimes you go to court with “bad facts.” I believe that’s the case in this hearing to dismiss.

So, how bad were the DNC’s arguments, anyway?

The DNC’s proposal that it can seek donations on the basis of imparitiality, without any obligation to actually be impartial, is only half of their problem with its logic. The other comes when the DNC goes on to claim a quasi-sovereign immunity to civil suits by somehow amalgamating its status as a “private entity” with its public business…

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