Flynn, Russia, Syria, and the Deep State: pt 2

In a previous blog, I talked about why General Flynn may have been forced out by the Deep State. But now, I want to detail how the Deep State really benefits from both the Syrian conflict, and the Cold War 2 with Russia. And the long-term game behind why they had to get rid of Flynn.

First off, the Syrian pipeline is well known. I am not going to talk about that. We all know that Assad is unwilling to commit to giving a pipeline to the United States, so the US is willing to do anything to unseat Assad, or paint him in a negative light, in order to get that pipeline. In doing so, they are driving Assad to side with Russia, and potentially make the pipeline more beneficial to Russia, of course, but again, that is not what I want to analyse here specifically.

What I want to look at is less about the Syrian conflict itself, and more about why the Deep State could not stand Flynn’s proposed Syrian solution at all.

Yes, Flynn wanted to cooperate with Russia to end the ISIS threat in Syria. Ending this threat might cripple ISIS forever as a global threat. And this would be a wonderful advancement for America, the Syrian people, and the Russians. So it would make sense to cooperate with the Syrians and Russians to end this threat, right?

Well… yes, to the average American. And yes, to the average Syrian. And probably to the average Russian. The truth is that the average American, Russian, and Syrian, probably have a common desire to achieve peace. But of course, as I mentioned, the US oil compnies want the pipeline in Syria, and Assad might block that, so yes, they have to demand that Assad be overthrown for… reasons. Reasons that make little sense, but that are probably concocted by Assad’s enemies, like use of poison gas (which the US agreed to send so it could be used to frame Assad…).

Okay, so oil companies want Assad defeated, thinking that we could then take over from Al Qaeda or ISIS. But what else is wrong with the attempt to team up with Russia to defeat these terrorists?

Simple answer: trying to team up with RussiaTHAT is the deeper reason that Flynn had to go. Because right now, the Deep State is pushing a Cold War with Russia again – regardless of whether this would benefit the average American, Russian, or world citizen..

See, Cold Wars are great for three groups of people.

  1. Weapon contractors, who get to sell weapons to the military because ‘the military must be ready, in case the war goes hot!’ And if the weapons are, uh, defective in some way, then new weapons have to be sold! Also, weapon designers need money in order to do research and development, because we don’t want our enemies to get ahead of us, right? So we need basically unlimited funds for R&D, because… who knows what we might find?
  2. US Intelligence Community, who need a threat against whom they can find intelligence After all, if there’s no Cold War, or no independent threat, why on earth should we fund the CIA, NSA, DSA, and 14 other intelligence agencies, who weren’t able to prevent 9/11 (although they were able to ask that INS approve student visas for the attackers).
  3. The political military leaders, who want a budget for the military, which is dependent upon having some enemy towards whom the military must be ready, ideally without having to actually do anything.

Now, Russia nicely fit the bill… until they collapsed when the Soviets collapsed. Suddenly, the military contractors found themselves without a need to develop and provide new weapons. And the IC found that they were rather useless, now that they were not facing down the Soviet intelligence agencies. And the political military found that they, too, had no more threat for which to prepare.

Now, for a while, the Deep State was a bit lost, but they were able to pull two rabbits out of a hat: they got Bush to invade Iraq, and they got Clinton, the neoliberal qua neoliberals, elected, both in 1991. Then Bush 2 came along, who was also willing to go along with their goals…

And suddenly, they got lucky. I’m not one of those people who thinks 9/11 was an inside job. No, I think the Deep State took advantage of a ‘fortunate’ opportunity, to push the usefulness of the IC, along with the need for military contractors and the military budget, on the American public. And even if it were an inside job, the same conclusions apply.

The point is, for several years, the Deep State had Iraq and Afghanistan. But then, eventually, all good things come to an end (or at least burn themselves mostly out) – and how would the Deep State keep getting money? So, the Deep State kept pushing for continuing occupations – but that couldn’t last forever, right?

Well, they are trying. They are still trying. Pushing destabilizations here and there, like in Libya. But the Deep State realized that they needed another Cold War. Because ISIS is getting their ass kicked by a bunch of Yazidi women. America is realizing that ISIS, though a real threat, are not actually hard to defeat, and especially that, if a group of passionate women who had been made into sex slaves and raped by ISIS could now be defeating ISIS by filling the terrorists full of lead, that maybe the world’s most powerful nation could crush them like an ant. If you really think America would have a problem defeating ISIS, when the YPJ are stomping their asses at literally every opportunity, you are probably the sort of person who has no concept of military capabilities and strategy.

So the Deep State focused on a new target. A target that was a nation which had, three decades ago, been a lucrative source for them. A target which was now led by a man who had worked once for the Soviets. And their thought was… let’s tell the Americans that Russia is evil, and we need to oppose them diplomatically and be ready to go to war with them at any moment!

It is the perfect psyop. After all, the US does not depend on Russia – which also refuses to kowtow to the Rothschild world banking system (and maybe the Rothschilds are also encouraging the west to oppose Russia for this reason). And historically, Russia was a ‘threat’ as recently as three decades ago, so for those who are older than millenials, there is a sort of childhood fear of Russians into which they can tap.

Now, here comes Flynn. As I said before, this man is a soldier, first and foremost, and not a politician. This is something I can absolutely respect, even if I disagree with his political positions. He saw a military threat to the United States and to freedom, ISIS, and he saw a potential useful ally, Russia. So, why not try to team up with them to crush a common threat? To a soldier, this is a ‘no shit Sherlock’ kind of idea.

But to the Deep State, the ‘why not’ has an easy answer – because, never mind how much the Deep State hates Assad and his independence, in the broader picture, if we can work with Russia in literally any way, how in the hell can the Deep State keep pushing their ‘Russia is the epitome of evil’ narrative? It’s hard to maintain ‘These guys are the most evil dudes on the planet, but, let’s fight alongside them,’ when you’re trying to psyop the public into a cold war state of mind.

So, Flynn was forced out, not just because he did not line up with the Deep State on Syria as such, but because he was (unintentionally) showing the American people the great lie that we’re being sold about Russia. He was showing us that Russia is a potential ally against terrorism and islamism, even if they have their flaws, and the Deep State cannot allow that, because it contradicts every effort they have made to sell us the ‘new cold war’ narrative. Never mind Syria itself, allying with Russia in any capacity, even in the name of the good of the United States and for preserving freedom in the world, is anathema to the Deep State and the establishment.

Putin’s government has many failures. So does our own. It’s time that we take allies against islamic theocratic militarism from any source that we have. Let us call upon Washington to reject the Deep State and to form a partnership with Russia against terrorism, and make Flynn’s dream a reality.


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