Why critical race theory is bullshit

Here is an actual point from a critical race theory conference: white people have defined what counts as scientific.

Never mind the contributions of Asians and Jewish people (not to mention all the other people who have contributed to science). But here’s the part that makes such a statement complete bullshit: white people don’t define science as a group. For that matter, plenty of white people reject science (e.g. flat-earthers). No, a tiny number of people, including white people (starting with Francis Bacon, who was indeed white) constructed science. The idea that ‘white people define it’ is simply ridiculous.

Indeed, it is along the same lines of claims like ‘white people defended slavery.’ Yes, some did. Abolitionists fought against it politically; many white Northerners fought and died to end it.

The problems of critical race theory are manifold, but it is their ridiculous treatment of groups as monolithic which is brought to the fore by this point.


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