A brief thought on Comey

I wrote a few days ago about why I don’t trust Sally Yates or the Dems. I don’t trust Comey either; he is a former banker/promoter and was hired largely to protect high-level Democrats from prosecution.

But, hypothesis: Let us suppose for a moment that Trump is not guilty of any wrongdoing with Russia. Let us suppose this narrative is solely manufactured by the Democrats (as is suggested in the book Shattered). Would it not be a move of sheer brilliance to fire Comey now? First, it would help ‘drain the swamp,’ since Comey is definitely a part of the Deep State. Second, it tempts the Democrats to push even harder for an independent prosecutor, who would find… nothing, and make Democrats look absolutely ridiculous as a result. And, as Dr. Amir Amini (@AmirAminiMD) pointed out, it would distract everyone from him doing whatever he wants, since the special prosecutor (or the demands for one) would occupy the MSM.

Regardless, when we consider everything that Comey has done, I cannot at all lament that he is gone regardless of Trump’s guilt (which Comey’s successor is free to unearth), and I see it as a blow to the Deep State. Especially as we remember how he protected Hillary, refusing to push for indictment even while he publicly stated that she broke the law with her server (claiming that he would not push for indictment because she might not have intended to break the law; I recommend every criminal use this excuse in court, and see how it goes!).

I also see it as quite ironic that recently (especially around election time, but also even earlier this week), Democrats were criticizing Comey and talking about how he was unsuitable for his job – but the moment Trump fired him, suddenly Comey became their hero! It’s hard to criticize a firing when you have said the employee in question is incompetent, a traitor, deserves to go to prison, etc.


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