Only voting for Berniecrats is not enough

This is just a short note to say that for those of us who are Berniecrats, it is not enough to simply threaten to only vote for Berniecrats. The problem with such a promise is that Democrats only need a majority, and so, as long as they can convince a majority of people who actually vote, to vote for them, they will win.

No, we must pledge to actually obstruct the neoliberals. Let us be honest: the difference between a neocon and neolib is minimal at best. We should consider them both to be the enemy, and the neolib as more the enemy than the neocon. The neocons at least admit they are conservative and oppose progressive economics; the neolibs are hypocrites who claims to support progressive economics, while in practice, they are about as bad as the neocons.

Now, the problem is that if people vote for the candidate that is ‘closest’ to their views, then neolibs will continue to win, because they are a little more liberal than the neocons (see the Median Voter Theorem). However, neoliberalism is not liberal at all; it is right-wing economics wrapped up with a little pro-choice propaganda so that we support them. We must refuse to support them, but what is more, we must actually vote for their opponents.

You see, the only way to reach the Democrats is to defeat them (and they are now losing almost everywhere). We must teach them that we will not vote for ‘centrists,’ and not only will we refuse to vote for centrists, we will actually vote to beat them, even if that means voting for conservatives.

This is the only way to beat the Median Voter Theorem. Which is itself false. The Third Way Democrats have exploited the falsehood of the MVT, by using the fact that in a two-party system, the median voter is expected to vote for the party closer to the median, even if both parties are more conservative. We cannot end this, unless we defeat Third Way candidates, even at the expense of electing right-wing candidates.


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