Against globalism

I am opposed to giving structures like the EU much power. In fact, I hold that we are much better off with many small nations, with a free exchange of information and cultures between them. In this sense, I am against globalism. I do not like the idea of a one world government, such as is seen in Star Trek.

My reasoning for this is that a centralized authority, once corrupted, is very difficult to dismantle. This is why, for example, in academia, having many separate universities is a good thing in itself, and not merely a necessity due to geographical and physical realities. At one institution, those in charge might decide to suppress a given theory, but because there are many institutions, the others will criticize this, and will also be free to publish regarding the ‘forbidden’ theory.

Similarly, multiple governments in the world act as checks and balances for one another. When one government begins to do horrible things to its people, they can call upon other governments for help in getting that government under control (remember, the American colonists did this when rebelling against England: the French provided invaluable assistance). A single government, on the other hand, is very hard to keep in check, should the politicians begin to overstep their bounds. But the truth is that almost any government will at some point attempt to overstep its bounds. Only by having other nations to keep it in check can we hope to prevent a catastrophic outcome.

Ideally, therefore, I think we need to have at least a few dozen governments in the world, all committed to:

  1. Freedom of thought, religion, and speech, and perhaps a few other basic human rights principles;
  2. The principle that if any single government ceases to obey principle 1, that all the others will band together to overthrow it and replace it with a government which will act in accord with principle 1.

In the meantime, I hold that giving too much centralized authority to organizations like the EU is a recipe for disaster.


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