An announcement

This is a bit embarrassing. But I have started a Patreon (

I plan to always keep this blog free. However, I spend a decent amount of time looking at today’s culture and news when I write these blogs, not to mention all the time I spent studying philosophy, which prepared me to write them – and as such, I decided to start a Patreon. Not because I want people to pay me per se. It’s more that I wanted to give people a chance to support me and my rabbits if they wanted to do that.

So, don’t feel like you ought to fund my patreon, but, if, for whatever reason, you want to do so, it is there.

(If you want the ‘sad version’ of this: I have a phD in maths, but only in pure maths, topology specifically. However, I am trying to help support my wife as she goes to graduate school to study animal psychology, comparative psychology, and evolutionary psychology, and as such, the jobs I have in my geographical region, with my particular qualifications, are somewhat limited. So, anything we receive will help us as we try to pay off my student loans and to get her through her program!)


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