Example of leftist doublethink


Recently, an ISIS jihadi attacked and murdered people in London, while a white supremacist killed a black man in New York City. While regressives quickly re-entered their ‘Islam is not responsible when people decide to take the jihad commands and Mo’s historical example seriously,’ routine, one of them also decided to make the following bizarre claim:

This is not the first time leftists have accused conservative politicians of bearing responsibility for the violent actions of another. After some guy, whose name I could look up but am too lazy to actually do so, attacked a Planned Parenthood, liberals placed a lot of the blame upon right-wing politicians and their anti-abortion rhetoric, including calling abortion ‘murder.’

Now, first, I don’t think that critics of something should be held responsible if someone else does something violent towards people involved in that thing. People who criticize Islam, like Dave Rubin or Bill Maher (or even like myself), are not responsible for any violence against muslims that occurs (despite the fact that leftists like to make this claim, and to say that we are obligated to stop criticizing Islam until all ‘anti-muslim bigotry’ disappears). And as I have argued repeatedly, the quran, haddiths, and Mo’s historical example, all appear, to a rational, outside, observer, to call for jihad against unbelievers, ‘the worst creatures in Allah’s eyes.’ So, the quran should be held responsible for motivating terror.

However, even if a person rejects this idea that the writings of Islam can reasonably be held responsible for acts of terror committed in the name of Islam, what I really want to point out here is the inconsistency in Cimbrelo’s claims. Namely, claiming that conservative politicians are responsible for anti-black attacks, but simultaneously holding that anti-disbeliever rhetoric in Islam is innocent of inspiring anti-disbeliever attacks by muslims.

This is a classical example of doublethink: compartmentalizing your beliefs and analysis so that you can hold two inconsistent views of the world. I do not think everyone even realizes that they are doing this, which is itself indicative of the most powerful form of doublethink, where the compartmentalization is so complete that the person does not even realize they are holding inconsistent views.







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