‘Moderate’ theists can’t change their scriptures

With yet another islamic jihad terror attack in London today, there are of course numerous people, some of them being of the SJW variety, and others being quite sensible, who are pointing out that many muslims do not participate in terror jihads, and morally condemn the actions of those who do. There is an argument that we should not condemn an entire religion because some people do these things.

First of all, I’m not ‘anti-muslim.’ I’m anti-islam, as well as anti-religion in general. I’m also anti-meat eating, but I can be, and am, friends with people who eat meat. I can be utterly critical of an idea without thereby hating the people who hold that idea. It seems like people get confused by this, and I cannot quite figure out why – granted, it is a slightly nuanced position to take, but it isn’t even a complicated nuance!

Second, when it comes to islam, the problem is that violent jihad is called for in their scriptures and in the historical example of their founder. Now, it’s true that there are many muslims who hold to a liberal interpretation of islam. I’m happy about this, in the sense that it is better than holding to a conservative interpretation of islam, but that does not change what the quran says, or what the haddiths say, or what Mohammed historically did.

Let me give an example from christianity for comparison. The new testament makes it very clear that women cannot hold positions in the church hierarchy which would give them authority over men. On the other hand, the Anglicans now allow women to be ordained as priests, which clearly contradicts this misogynist demand. So, yay for the Anglicans for not being so misogynist – but the bible still says what it says. And yes, I am well aware that Anglicans will make theological arguments for why the bible does not mean what it plainly states. The problem is that you can concoct a theological argument to twist almost anything in scripture to mean something other than what it appears to mean.

Likewise, it’s great that there are muslims who realize that murdering non-muslims is still wrong, but that does not change what the quran says when it calls for violent jihad, nor does it change Mo’s example of committing violent jihad (I covered this, and the comparison to christian scripture and history, in a previous blog). Nor does the fact that there are muslims who believe in secular government change the fact that the quran calls for islamic totalitarian theocracy.

Perhaps, to make everyone happy (except the SJWs, who seem to make being unhappy into their favourite hobby), we should say we are criticizing the quran and the haddiths, rather than ‘islam.’


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