Is refusal to date ‘racist?’

Alright, for context, consider the video linked here.

Now, never mind the bead part of the story. The part I want to focus on is how she went to the doctor, and, in her words,

‘Well, the doctor walks in, and this man looks like he’s late for a taping of the bachelor, and I’m like “hello,” but “goodbye,” ’cause I like my men CHOCOLATE.’

In other words, she admits he was incredibly attractive, but that she would never be with him because he was not adequately ‘chocolate,’ which we may presume means ‘black.’

So, here is the question: was this ‘racist?’ Well, it really depends what you mean by ‘racist.’

Okay. She was attracted to this person, but would turn them down for not being black (enough). That is definitely racist, if by ‘racism’ we mean ‘treating people differently based on their race.’ Imagine the outrage if a white person said ‘Yeah, they were super attractive, but I said no because they weren’t white.’ That is essentially what she did here, except with ‘black’ replacing ‘white.’

On the other hand, if by ‘racist’ we mean ‘a person who believes one race is objectively better than another,’ then no, it was not necessarily racist. I mean, maybe she believes blacks are superior, and is racist in that way. But we cannot conclude this based upon what she said. Perhaps she merely wants to continue the black race, and therefore does not want to engage in miscegenation, not because she thinks blacks are inherently better than whites, but because she wants to personally help preserve the black race. But if this is okay, then clearly it must also be okay for white people to say ‘Look, blacks aren’t inferior, but I want to personally help continue the white race, and not have mixed-race children.’

But what really gets me is that I think a lot of liberals would approve of what this (black) woman says, but would be appalled if a white person made a similar statement. I can understand people who think this woman is racist. I can also understand those who do not think she is a racist, and who also don’t think whites who only want to date other whites are racist. As I said, it depends upon what we mean by ‘racism.’ But anyone who thinks this woman is not a racist, but a white who only wants to date other whites IS racist – they are self-contradictory.

(I want to emphasize, for the record, that I have no objection to ‘miscegenation.’ I myself am a mix of many ethnicities, although as far as I know, they are all European – Irish, Scandinavian, probably German and English, so while I think of myself as being of mixed ethnicity, some people might say ‘Eh you are just white.’ However, while I see the benefits to genetically mixing different ethnicities, I think it could also be beneficial to keep some pure – in the sense of ‘unmixed,’ not in the sense of ‘better’ – bloodlines for the future. If we had no more Japanese, but only ‘Japanese crossed with X,’ that would be rather sad, for example).


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