My least PC blog yet: sex and transgender

Alright, I want to say something about transgender people and biological sex.

First, let me say, I don’t personally care one way or the other about transpeople. Be trans. Have sex-change ops. Wear whatever clothes you want. I support every type of clothing-wearing and body modification.

However, biologically, sex is determined at birth. In humans, sex is determined by chromosomes, and by physical characteristics: whether you produce sperm or eggs. Of course, there are exceptions that have no biological sex, or hermaphrodites with both. But that is the exception, not the rule.

Now, some claim that ‘gender’ is determined by brain-type. There are a few points to be said about this. First, no, biological sex is biological sex, no matter what sort of brain is in the body: you produce sperm, eggs, or neither or both (or at least are born with equipment to produce sperm, eggs, neither, or both). Second, trans-people have said that they were surprised at how they changed when the new hormones were added to their bodies. This indicates that they were NOT already ‘the other gender’ in their brains, but weren’t even aware of what the other gender experienced. This comes particularly from the account of a trans-man who recounted that he/she was very surprised at how his/her view of sex changed when he/she started getting testosterone (describing it as going from a very special experience to the equivalent of getting a sandwich). If he/she had been born with a ‘male’ brain, that would not have been the case. Clearly, male/female goes far beyond the brain.

In any case, biological sex is about your reproductive role, not your brain or thought-processes. So, being born with a ‘brain’ of one type, and a body of another, well, your sex goes with your born reproductive role.

So let me say my controversial opinion: transpeople are just body modification people taken to an extreme. And as such, I strongly support them.

Look, I have rabbits on my arm, but I don’t claim to be a ‘trans-rabbit symbol person.’ My wife has holes in her ears and nose, but does not claim to be a ‘trans-hole-having person.’ So, if you modify your body to resemble a woman, even though you were born as a male, you are just a man who has modified your body to resemble a woman. If you take hormones, you are a male who took hormones and surgery to resemble a woman. And likewise if the genders are reversed.

Hey, I don’t care. Do what you want with your body. But don’t deny the reality of the situation. Facts are facts, and don’t care about your feelings. Muslims ‘feel’ that Allah is real. That does not make allah real, and it does not make me ‘islamophobic’ for denying it – neither does denying that transgender people are the gender they ‘feel’ that they are. So, neither does ‘feeling like a woman’ make you a woman, nor am I ‘transphobic’ for denying that you are the same as a cis-woman. Male and female are biological roles in reproduction, not states of mind.

As to the bathroom question: I say, let the public decide. They are public bathrooms after all. I don’t care about who uses which bathroom personally*, but they are public bathrooms.




*My wife is part-Sicilian. So if you have a penis, and are tempted to try to rape her in the bathroom, I will tell you what Youtube’s Metatron said about Mario: ‘[He] keeps trying to rescue Princess Peach from getting raped by Bowser. A Sicilian woman, she would no1t get raped by Bowser. Sicilian woman would rape Bowser.’ So yeah, you try to fuck with my wife, she keeps your balls as souvenirs, and leaves you bleeding to death on the floor. And THEN you deal with me.


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