Sexual attitudes are not socially conditioned

Or at least not very much so.

This is probably fairly obvious to a lot of people, but for those who have fallen into the postmodernist thought cycle, I thought an example would be good. The example I have in mind is the following account from a trans-man about how testosterone affected his attitudes towards sex.

transman libido

Now, the point I want to make is this. First, trans people have known that hormones change how they feel about sex for a long time. Second, even though he knew his attitudes towards sex would change due to the hormones, he did not anticipate the way they would change: there were at least 3 ways his attitude changed that surprised him. These three changes, therefore, could not have occurred as the result of any kind of social conditioning.

Now, my main point here is not about trans people. It is actually about anyone, whether cis or trans or whatever: contrary to the postmodernist narrative that males and females view sex differently because of social conditioning, in fact, much of the difference in attitudes is biologically conditioned rather than socially conditioned. This is of course well-understood by evolutionary psychologists.

As a postscript it is interesting to note that this trans man  identified as male before actually knowing what it is like to be male.


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