Who Decides If You’re a Victim?

I was reading an excellent report on the latest sexual assault study regarding assault on college campuses, Found here.. But that’s not what this blog is going to be about. Instead, I want to talk about one particular line from this analysis:

‘People should be free to reach their own self-understandings when it comes their status as victims (or non-victims).’

Now, on the one hand, I agree that people’s feelings about a situation are real, and we shouldn’t tell someone how they feel. But I don’t agree that people should just be free to come to their own understanding of whether they are victims. Or perhaps I should say, the rest of us are under no obligation (ethically or socially) to agree with their conclusion.

Let me just give one example. Suppose a woman applies to a job, and there’s only one other applicant, who happens to be male. Now, maybe he has twenty years of experiences, whereas she has two, and maybe his reference letters are glowing, whereas she has been a fairly lazy employee and her references reflect this (if only in what they leave out, rather than necessarily what they put in). So she ends up not getting the job. Then she says ‘Well, I’m sure I am just the victim of sexist hiring processes. Damn the patriarchy!’

Okay, I acknowledge that she feels this way. In fact, feeling this way is encouraged by our SJW culture, which (speaking generally) encourages every woman to feel that every time something doesn’t go her way, it’s the fault of a sexist society and cannot possibly reflect a fair treatment of her. But the fact that she believes the hiring process was sexist does not make it so. HR may have even wanted to hire a woman (in other words, they may have been biased against the male applicant), but finally been forced to go with the more qualified candidate due to the huge gap in qualifications.

That’s not to say there aren’t times when hiring processes are sexist. But the fact is, just because this woman feels she was the victim of sexism, does not mean she really was. And I for one am not going to agree that she’s a victim of sexism. At most, she is a victim of her own perception, not an actual victim of sexism.

(Curiously, the same people who will say things like ‘People should be free to reach their own self-understandings when it comes their status as victims (or non-victims),’ will usually make one major exception: if a white male feels that they were victim of reverse racism, or reverse sexism, or any such thing, they will be told by SJWs that this is impossible. They won’t be told it didn’t happen because in this instance, there was no bias against them; instead they will be told this sort of thing is categorically impossible, even if the SJW admits the white male was the victim of anti-white male biased treatment, because the SJW will refuse to give biased treatment against white males the name it deserves, i.e. racism/sexism or even reverse racism/sexism. Not only that, but the white male will be told their feelings are invalid. The SJW treatment of white males is identical to the kind of gaslighting that SJWs decry when it is done to anyone else. If the SJW wants everyone to decide for themselves if they’re a victim, and of what they are a victim, then they should not be hypocritical, and apply the same rules to white males.)


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