Misandry among liberals

I’ve heard a lot of people say something along the lines of ‘The United States is ready for a female president.’ Enough to realize that there are a good chunk of self-described liberals or progressives who specifically want to elect a female president. Which they think sounds like a great, progressive idea. ‘We’ve never had one; it’s time to fight back against the male dominance of this area!’

Except, that’s not fighting for gender equality. It is actually a form of prejudice for women, against men. Yes, it’s true that in the past, men were favoured over women when it came to being selected as president. However, if what you want now is gender equality, then you need to select the president on the basis of personal merit, and not on the basis of gender. Instead, these so-called progressives are actually biased in favour of women and against men when it comes to choosing the president – exactly the kind of bias which they claim to abhor!

In fact, if one takes a little time, one can find exactly this kind of bias in place on almost every issue: progressives will claim to abhor bias, but in truth, many of them engage in exactly the biases they condemn (except they reverse the direction of the bias).


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