Demographic generalizations

Why, you thought racial generalizations were just for white people? That only white people could be so evil and irrational as to say that an entire ethnicity should be shunned? I invite you to check out the following tweet:

Let us make this clear: if you make a racial generalization without having scientific evidence to back it up, you are a racist. And even if you find scientific evidence saying ‘group A ranks higher/lower on this scale than group B, on average,’ if you assume an average can be generalized to apply to everyone in a group, you are an idiot (for instance: males are on average stronger than females, but there are MANY females who are stronger than I am).

I don’t believe A Bucs Life is in any way representative of black people – but I do believe that there’s a lot of non-whites who dislike white people in general, based purely on stereotypes. And yet, they complain that white people stereotype them (which unfortunately a lot of white people do just that). There’s a term for that – ‘hypocrisy.’ I do understand that it is frustrating when we encounter a lot of people from a given group who treat us badly just because of our demographic. Unfortunately, the temptation to shun that group as an whole is just exacerbating and continuing the problem.

We need to stop treating other people as nothing more than their demographics, and start treating them as individuals.


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